genesis ming

Which mobile operating systems is Quadrant available on?

Quadrant is currently only available on Apple’s iOS.

Android will be available shortly.

What is the maximum draw area for a group?

Quadrant limits you to a 2 kilometers draw area in urban places. Outside of urban centers this is increased to a radius of 10 km.

In the future, we may enable users to request or sponsor larger zones. If, for a particular case, you require a larger zone, feel free to contact us and we will determine eligibility on a case by case basis.

Does Quadrant require location data to be on?

By default, Quadrant will tack your location to let others know if you are within the radius of a group you have already joined. To turn this off, go to settings and turn “show location” to off. Location data is not required to fully enjoy the benefits of Quadrant.

How many groups can I create ?

You can have up to 25 active groups created by you. If you delete a group, that group will no longer count towards this limit. This number is subject to change, and may be increased if we see an immediate need for individuals to create more groups.